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Home & Gift buyers festival Harrogate

'Wow!' is my first reaction to this show. I'm sat at my laptop having visited the Home & Gift buyers festival  for the first time, and I'm stuck for words. The size of this show is outstanding, and every hall was... Continue Reading →

Summer ‘holidays’

Summer holidays! They're great, except for the fact they aren't really a holiday. If your a textile student, or design student or just a student for that matter, you'll understand when I say this. Summer holidays aren't holidays, we still... Continue Reading →

My shop

Over the past few days during my little creative block, I have begun to draft a few products to be uploaded to my Etsy shop. I'm planning on getting them up soon, so watch this space. I'll be uploading work... Continue Reading →

New Designers 2017

A lot of people in the design world will know new designers; but for those who don't, its a celebration of newly graduated design students showcasing their work.  As a textiles student having just finished second year it is my... Continue Reading →

Creative Block …

Annoyingly I appear to hit a rather big wall since being home from Uni having finished for this year. Oddly I feel ready to go and am in a creative mood but I'm finding myself struggling to put paint to... Continue Reading →

Little profile update

Just a quick update to keep my blog on the same level as my other social media pages, there will be a few more over the coming weeks. A little profile photo of me and my studio bay, with my... Continue Reading →

The dreaded dissertation

The time has come! Throughout my GCSE's, A-Levels and the first year and a bit of university, the thought of having to do a dissertation was terrifying, I wont pretend. The idea of having to write 6000 words minimum on... Continue Reading →

Taking time out 

A weeks rest is one of the best things, I know some people think that uni students have it sorted and why would they need a weeks rest. But I've just spent a week in Rhodes with my family doing... Continue Reading →

Frustrations of textiles 

Ive had interest from a guy on Instagram from California, ask ing about the possibility of doing a commission of a fashion piece I made last year for one of my uni projects. Of course I was super excited at... Continue Reading →

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