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Little profile update

Just a quick update to keep my blog on the same level as my other social media pages, there will be a few more over the coming weeks.
A little profile photo of me and my studio bay, with my last module of work.


The dreaded dissertation

The time has come!

Throughout my GCSE’s, A-Levels and the first year and a bit of university, the thought of having to do a dissertation was terrifying, I wont pretend. The idea of having to write 6000 words minimum on one topic was kind scary! I don’t have that much to say about stuff. Soo when it came to the beginning of this year (academic year), and my Material Culture tutor was going through the module planner, and told me I would be starting to prep for my dissertation in less than six months, I can imagine my face must of been a picture.

Now however, having started to research and  gathered an idea together, I think I might just make it through.

Taking time out 

A weeks rest is one of the best things, I know some people think that uni students have it sorted and why would they need a weeks rest. But I’ve just spent a week in Rhodes with my family doing absolutely nothing other than sitting in the sun and having meals made for me, I can’t honestly remember the last time the four of us actually spent this much time together. It was so lovely. 

Not a cloud in the sky the whole time we were there. 

Frustrations of textiles 

Ive had interest from a guy on Instagram from California, ask ing about the possibility of doing a commission of a fashion piece I made last year for one of my uni projects. Of course I was super excited at the thought of this. However, the problem occurred when he said he wanted the exact same fabric, but a different design.

One problem of being a textiles designer, having to turn down a commission because you no longer have a fabric in stock to make a new design.


All images copryright ©CHS designs

Show time …

It’s show time again in design world. I’m sending my work off to Brussels this time to go to indigo, an interior design show. Fingers (everything) crossed something sells.

I’m sending the four designs in the picture above;

  • Hand screen printed design with acrylic paint
  • Hand screen printed design
  • Hand screen printed 3D leaf sculpture
  • And a machine embroidered rose 


 My top shops

Even whilst I’m away at university in Hartlepool, I always try to find time whilst I’m home in Leeds to go to stock up in my favourite shops, sometimes even just to have a gander at what they have in, and wish I could afford to spend loads on new supplies.  One day!

Okay, so one of my more frequent places I visit is Bonds in Farsley. This place is amazing! it’s an Aladdin’s cave of haberdashery. Fabric, thread, buttons, trimmings, everything! The ladies who take care of the shop are also a font of knowledge. Between them all, they could probably answer any question you have about sewing and crafts, they are more than happy to help with anything. Defiantly worth a visit!

Next up on the list would have to be Fred Aldous. These guys have a shop in Manchester and Leeds. I visit more for art  and printing supplies, but they stock gifts, stationary, books, paper, DIY sets, modelling set, knitting, sewing, painting, printing and laser cutting. It’s just a really cool, on trend place that I find very inspiring, I always leave wanting to go and be creative.

Lastly, for now but not least is, Samuel Taylors, with both a shop in the city centre and a shop in Leeds Kirkgate market. Supplying a variety of fabric, filling, and trimmings of all kinds, a little big more expensive than bonds however they do have some more specialist items.

Just a little insight to where I shop for my crafty bits and bobs.



New York!

NYC baby!
A little bit late posting  this so a few weeks is actually a couple of months which seems crazy, cause i keep thinking it was only a couple of weeks ago.

A few weeks ago the trip I had been waiting all (academic) year for came around. A week in New York City!

I thought the 6am start would destroy me, but excitement kicked in pretty early and I somehow managed the outbound journey alright, however, by the time I got into my hotel room 24 hours later I crashed pretty hard.

Of course we wanted to see as much as we could in the short amount of time we had. The trip was 7 days but taking two off for travelling only left us with 5days of exploring. Times square (day and night of course), central park, it’s HUGE I could of spent more than a day in the park, we wanted to see the Alice in wonderland statues and butterfly fields, The Met, being design students we had to go anyway but luckily for us there was a fashion exhibit on ‘Manus X Machina – Fashion in the age of technology’, MoMA because we love crazy art, 5th avenue, you’ve got to go shopping in NYC, Empire state, the views <3, Grand Central, the Chrysler building, The Staten Island ferry and Lady Liberty we did it all including walking along the highline.

Walking over 50 miles, and feet covered in blisters (Ewww) we returned home slightly broken but so happy to of been. I would 100% return to explore the big apple some more and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been.

So much love 

So much love for this woman. My grandma can sew pretty much anything. In the past and still now she’s one of the first people I ask all my questions about sewing. 

Here she is, sat repairing a hole I have in my jeans, in a not so suitable place.  😳😔 

Saltaire arts Trail


Unfortunately, I missed out on the Saltaire Arts Trail last year, so I convinced my mum to come with me this year. Having only passed through Saltaire a couple of times or to go to the fabric shop #lifeofatextilesstudent, I didn’t really know what to expect.

We  parked in the salts mill car park, so we first ventured in there, which to my surprise was filled with a three floor book store, a couple of lovely cafes and a gallery on the very top floor, with art work by a few different artists throughout the building.
After browsing through the wonderfully organised books, and buying one or two, we decided that to find the arts trail we would follow the crowds of people; which worked wonderfully.
Conveniently all the shops or open houses taking part were labelled and on a map I had downloaded from the website, making it super easy to get from place to place. We wondered around browsing through the various stops taking in diverse range of prints, embroideries, photography and any other form of design you can think of.

In the middle of the town was a hall holding a designer maker fayre, which of course we had to visit, it was much like a normal design show just on a small scale,the designers came from all over the country to exhibit their work which ranged from embroidery to millinery to lino cutting and printing and glass wear.

In all I really enjoyed my day exploring Saltaire taking in all the beautiful design work.

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